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  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions
  • 101 Expressions

101 Expressions

Communications Games

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Product Description:

What is 101 Expressions?

101 Expressions is a collection of 101 carefully selected card images that incorporate a wide range of different multi-content images. The images help users to express feelings, ideas and thoughts and express each person's own views. An excellent and effective tool, 101 Expressions helps coaches and teachers by encouraging students and participants to express themselves in a creative way and to increase interaction and openness between individuals and groups.

Who uses 101 expression
  • Trainers, teachers.
  • Life coaches & Consultants
  • Managers & Team Leaders
  • Who is interested in developing individuals and companies
  • Event Companies

101 Expression is a unique and amazing game ... specially launched to be one of the aids for teachers and coaches in all fields. Order it now!


 Suggested uses for 101 expressions:

  • Self-introduction ( ice breaking ):Through pictures, where each one is asked to choose the image he thinks that it expresses and begins to speak to melt the ice.
  • Now and the future:  where each one was asked to choose two pictures, one expressing them now and the other expressing their condition that they wish I would be in the future.
  • Priorities, values ​​, and insights: Each one is asked to talk about the image that was chosen and the reason for choosing it.
  • Team expectations: Ask each person for one or more pictures that express their vision of the team and its expectations for the stage of developing this team.
  • Feedback: You can ask each participant to choose a photo that expresses his feelings and viewpoint in the event
  • Improvised speech: where you can ask each team to choose a picture at random and talk about it for a specific period of time.
  • life steps: It asks team members to talk about specific memories using images and explain the link between the image and life stage.
  • Featured image:Ask the participants to choose one or more pictures that represent something special for them
  • 101 Card Images A6 Size
  • Instruction Manual
  • Colored Fancy Box

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