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Arabic Letters Ball

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Product Description:

Letters ball is a purposeful educational game that contains all the letters of the Arabic language.
The letter ball is very suitable for teaching children Arabic letters in a fun and fun way
Letter ball is a group game in which the participants throw the ball to each other and each participant when holding the ball has to read the letter that is under his right thumb, and after reading the letter he must throw the ball to another participant and that participant in turn when holding the ball read the letter that is Under his right thumb, and so on.
The letter ball can also be used in several ways in playing, such as using it to guess the name of a person, a plant, inanimate objects, with the chosen letter, or even using it in poetry competitions.

Objectives of the game:
Teaching Arabic letters in a fun way
A great educational tool
break the routine
Great tool for letter quizzes
Promote communication between participants

Everyone loves letter ball:
Event organizers
Work team leaders
the doctors
The lawyers
business men
Everyone who is interested in education and training

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