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Communication Shapes

Communications Games

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Product Description:

“Communication Shapes” is a distinctive training game that develops effective communication skills and highlights the mechanisms of communication between team members in a fun and effective atmosphere. The “Communication Shapes" training game contains four exercises, all focused on basic communication skills. “Communication Shapes” can also be used to explore and develop problem-solving skills collectively among the team.
In the game, participants must describe the shapes attached to each other to accomplish the task they were assigned to, without seeing the shapes, using the eye covers that came with the game. The task requires team members to exercise and develop accurate description skills, high listening skills, and strong feedback skills.
The number of participants in the “Communication Shapes” game ranges from 2 to 28 people. The exercise can last up to 45 minutes.



• Verbal communication skills
• Effective listening skills
• Questions-asking skills
• Ability to clarify and summarize information
• The importance of feedback to ensure understanding
• Problem-solving skills collectively
• Ability to manage information and groups
This activity can greatly benefit customer service staff and staff in telephone support services. It is very useful for the development of effective communication skills for teams.

o      Number in the group: 3 to 12 players
o     Time: 15 to 45 minutes.
o     Difficulty level: 8/10

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