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  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)
  • Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)

Creativity Puzzle (Erasable)

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AED 79.00

Excluding 5% VAT

Product Description:

The Creativity Puzzle is a large-scale puzzle (74x53cm) with 35 erasable pieces that can be combined in several ways. Each participant gets one piece to decorate in his own style. Participants have the freedom to write, color or draw on their piece. Finally, all the puzzle parts get collected to form a creative combination of the participants’ pieces.

The Creativity Puzzle develops an individual’s skills and involvements in an inventive way. The project provides a zone of freedom and creativity for every participant. Moreover, it produces a unique picture that consists of all individuals’ puzzle pieces and inputs. Simply put, this activity enhances teamwork and participation skills in a creative manner. Get it now !


  • Revitalizing creative thinking.
  • Activate participation between participants.
  • Promote individual and group posts. 

How to use the Creativity Puzzle:

Each participant gets one piece of the puzzle. Participants decorate their piece according to their own style; whether they paint, write on, or color the piece is up to them. Then, the puzzle pieces get collected to form a creative picture that contains all the participants’ pieces. 

A wonderful thing is that the Creativity Puzzle consists of similar puzzle pieces that can be put together in any order.

An unlimited number of pieces can be used in order to increase the Creativity Puzzle’s size. The more pieces you have, the bigger the puzzle becomes. Note that each bag of the Creativity Puzzle contains 35 pieces.

 Where can the Creativity Puzzle be used? 

Many people from different age groups and educational levels can enjoy and benefit from the Creativity Puzzle. Some situations it can be used in include: 

•       Training courses

•       Schools

•       Concerts and events

•       Individual development

•       Teamwork and team building

•       Institutions and companies

•       Charity

•       Feedback

•       Brainstorming

•       For those interested in creative work that benefit the group and illustrates their impressions

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