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Gold Mine

Communications Games

AED 383.00

Excluding 5% VAT

Product Description:

 Are you looking for the one of the best team games? Do you want to buy one of the most fun educational games ?

  Enjoy one of the best communication skills games and team spirit with Gold Mine!

The Gold Mine Game is a game that enhances communication skills between the members of the playing group and instills confidence and trust between them. It also improves problem-solving and wise-planning skills for the group members. In the Gold Mine Game, the members of the group collect as many coins as possible, by passing the dangerous gold mine while blind folded, relying on the help of the other group members as guides.

 Get it now ! Add distinctive feelings to your activities and let the participants feel the difference.

  • Enhancing group work
  • Developing communications skills
  • Promoting teamwork skillls
  • Developing operational planning skills.

 The groups compete with each other to collect the largest possible number of coins, for each group assigns only one person to enter the mine to collect the largest number of coins and is blindfolded without touching any of the blast mines, relying only on the instructions of his group members to find the coins And avoid mines.

 Contents of the game bag:

The game bag contains many high quality pieces and includes the following:

• 17 blue discs (coins).

• A set of eye lids (contains 8 pieces).

Colorful cones (mines).

• A rope number 2 used to determine the location of the distribution of game pieces.

• Elegant bag to collect game contents.

• an educational booklet with instructions for how to implement the game.




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