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Heluime Stick

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Product Description:

 For everyone who strives for excellence in providing distinguished training courses, useful learning lessons, and positive interactive activities. We offer you a unique model of fun education.

A helium stick game is a group and educational game that allows all participants to interact According to certain rules and laws,It is one of the most widespread exercises in the field of training games .

The Helium Stick requires the team to lower the stick to the ground while at no point losing contact with it. It sounds simple enough in theory, but in practice is one of the most difficult tasks to successfully complete and one of the most fun. The game requires great leadership and the ability to give and follow clear instructions in order to be able to complete. 

 Buy this fun game and enjoy a new educational experience.

  • Enhance teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Planning and Leadership

The stick is placed upon the extended index fingers of each of the team members who are stood in two rows facing each other. The team must lower the stick to the ground, all the time ensuring that each member has their finger in contact with the stick. The stick is called a helium stick because it never seems to go down - unless the team is super-efficient.

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