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Magic Carpet

Communications Games

AED 163.00

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Product Description:

 It is a time of excitement, fun and suspense! Are you ready to give your activities and/or training courses a lot of beautiful moments full of fun education?

The Magic Carpet Game is a fun and exciting group game where all members of the group climb on the magic carpet and try to “flip it” to the other side by any means and without touching the ground.

 Now is your chance to try the creative training game Magic Carpet. Ensure fun, engaging and effective communication among your audience. Buy it now!

  • Teamwork
  • Planning
  • Creative thinking and problem solving skills
  • Communication between team members.
 How to implement the magic carpet game?

The idea for an interesting magic carpet game depends on the following:

The playgroup stands on the rug after straightening it to the ground.

Collectively everyone tries to flip the rug and move to the other end of the rug without someone touching the ground.

The team is considered a winner when all of its members move to the other side of the rug properly and without anyone touching the ground.

Contents of the game bag:

The game bag contains many high quality pieces, which include the following:

• Double-sided rug in two different colors.

• Instructions booklet to explain how to play.

• Elegant bag for placing contents.

Elements of the game:

Turn the magic carpet to the other side without touching the ground

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