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  • Magnetic Post Note Set
  • Magnetic Post Note Set
  • Magnetic Post Note Set
  • Magnetic Post Note Set
  • Magnetic Post Note Set

Magnetic Post Note Set


AED 93.00

Excluding 5% VAT

Product Description:

25 Magnetic Post Notes 5x Yellow 5x Orange 5x Light Blue 5x Light green 5x Light Pink and 7 whiteboard marker

Magnetic notes are an alternative to traditional sticky notes that use stationary charges instead of glue to stick to almost any surface. It's best for taking notes and reminders, leaving messages, visualizing assignments, mind mapping, working in teams, playing games with friends, and many other purposes.

This set of sticky notebooks is a practical addition to your stationery drawer.

• 5 bright colors allow easy organization

• It is easy to stick to and remove from any surface

 The best alternative to self-sticky notes - learn about the upgraded version of your favorite little squares of brightly colored sticky notes: rewritable magnet - eco-friendly, reusable, stackable, and wipe. Ready to stick to any magnetic surface!

Excellent magnetic stickers, dry-wipe magnets. You will love its stickiness and easy removal. Experience high-quality jobs at its best!

 Writing on it & wiping it, again & again - day after day, year after year, add a little fun to your teaching, team planning, or around the house. Unlike traditional notes, our magnificent writeable magnets do not drop, wrinkle and reduce paper waste!

 Multi-functional and versatile, our whiteboard magnets are perfect for table, magnetic whiteboard, desk, cabin, kanban or scrum board. At home, they are great magnetic notes for a fridge, menu, meal planning or family business. Not suitable for glass panels!

 We have 25 cheerful and colorful magnets that come in 5 bright colors in one set -:

  5x yellow

  5x orange

  5x light blue

  5x light green

  5x light pink

 Never miss a deadline, reminder, task, or message again! 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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