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Memory Maze

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Product Description:

Memory maze is one of the most important skills development games, especially the feedback skill. The memory maze game makes the team an integrated educational system, it is one of the team games and one of the most vital and fun training exercises. In the memory maze game for everyone, the group crosses the memory maze for each individual individually by discovering the hidden path that only the coach knows.

 Memory Labyrinth game is not only a fun activity, but your way to an effective training team, so buy this unique product immediately, we are waiting for you!

Objectives :

• Feedback skills.

•      knowledge transfer.

•      Teamwork.

•      Problem Solving

•      Creative thinking.

the challenge:

In the Memory Labyrinth game, the team has to cross the maze through the unknown, hidden road. The team must discover this path through trial and error, so that every time a member of the group enters the maze and guesses the location of the road by choosing one of the squares, If the square that was chosen was correct, he would complete the game and choose another square to complete the path. If the square was wrong, he would go out and enter another member of the team to start from the beginning and try to remember the correct squares that were chosen by his teammates in the group. Thus, members of the group continue to alternate entering the labyrinth until they can discover the hidden path completely, reach the end point, and cross the maze. Here, it is worth noting that the coach is the only one who knows the hidden path, and he is the one who alerts the group members in the event that the square chosen is correct or wrong.


Time: 10-30 minutes

Players: 5-20 players

Physical effort: 3/10

Mental effort: 7/10

Environment: inside / outside

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