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  • set of hourglass
  • set of hourglass
  • set of hourglass

set of hourglass

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AED 68.00

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Product Description:

An hourglass is a device used to measure the passage of time. It consists of two glass lamps connected vertically with a narrow neck that allows a regular flow of materials (historically sand) from the top lamp to the bottom. The upper and lower lights are symmetrical so that the hourglass measures the same duration, colored sand flows slowly and can last for 60 minutes.
Hourglass can be used as a gift and home decoration.
An elegant item to put on your desk in the office.
They can play the role of children in leisure or study time, as well as exercise their patience and perseverance.
Handcrafted from the finest plastic structures, triangle prism glass and attractive colored sand.
Time is money and money is time.
Type: hourglass
Time: 60 minutes
Great for home or office use
Color: Choose the color you want from the color combinations 6.
Package weight: 0.58 kg

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