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  • The Five Squares game
  • The Five Squares game
  • The Five Squares game
  • The Five Squares game
  • The Five Squares game
  • The Five Squares game
  • The Five Squares game

The Five Squares game

Communications Games

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Product Description:

Do you want to collectively increase the effectiveness and success of creative training? You need the Five Squares game, as it is one of the skills development and collective consolidation problems, which reflects positively on the work environment and training.

The Five Squares game is one of the most fun and exciting games. Each team player will be given a bag containing pieces of a puzzle. The task of your team is to form five squares of equal size. The task will not be completed until each individual has before him or her, a perfect square of the same size as that held by others.

The Five Squares game focuses on the importance of teamwork and team members communication with each other and highlights the responsibility of each member of the team towards other members in particular and his responsibility towards the team in general. Pieces provided to them to form and assemble five squares of equal size without using verbal communication and reference

This game is distinguished as it is a communication skills games and skills development games collectively. Get it now!

Educational goals:

  • Developing the personal skills of team members
  • Enhance the skill of effective communication
  • Collectively solving problem solving skill
  • The importance of team cohesion and unity to get the job done

Group number: 1 observer 5

Time: 25 to 45 minutes

Location: internal / external


The challenge:

 The formation and installation of the members of the group five squares of equal size using the pieces presented to them.


This distinctive game comes in a bag inside canvas bags in five different colors with cork pieces to form squares of the required size distributed with the manuals.

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