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The Infinite Loop

Communications Games

AED 168.00

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Product Description:

Times of laughter, fun, enjoyment and unlimited sharing are now guaranteed to be acquired through The Infinite Loop game!

The Infinite Loop game is a distinctive creative game that encourages creative thinking, and enhances the teamwork skills, communication skills and problem-solving abilities of the participants, The Infinite Loop game is suitable for various ages and group numbers. In The Infinite Loop game participants work together to solve the mystery of the ropes and disengage from each other.

The Infinite Loop game is fun, interesting and contains a puzzle that needs mind and constructive thinking. Give your audience a fun and different training experience with this game. Buy it now! 

  • Enhance team communication skills.
  • Develop creative thinking skills.
  • Consolidate the principle of collective action.
  • Strengthen problem-solving abilities.


How to implement the interlocking hands game?

The idea of this fun and fun game depends on the following:

= Connecting each player's hand to each other by using the ropes presented in a overlapping manner.

= Players must work together to unlock hands and free each other.

= The winning group is the one that can disengage quickly.


Contents of the game bag:

The game bag contains many high quality pieces and includes the following:

20 rope of various colors.

• Instructions booklet to explain how to play.

• Elegant bag for placing contents 


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