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  • Toobeez Package (114PCS)
  • Toobeez Package (114PCS)

Toobeez Package (114PCS)

Communications Games

AED 1742.00 AED 999.00

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Product Description:

Now the Toobeez group for wonderful groups is 114 pieces to communicate between large groups; you can use the product tools in the interior or exterior spaces so that you can go through a beautiful experience to train a distinct team spirit at any time. As Toobeez is a unique building system, it allows you to "communicate" in a way Positive as a group with everyone involved in construction games. Toobeez is a practical, easy to assemble and safe product that captures the imagination of anyone who uses it.

Toobeez is a great game because it is one of the team games and the most prominent communication skills games, and through it, you will be able to reach several goals through your training courses through fun education, perhaps the most important of which are:
Developing effective communication skills among members of one team,
 Enhance the skill of solving problems effectively,
Strengthening creativity skills,
Highlighting the importance of cooperation among team members to achieve the best performance.

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